Sin City Rules

Sin City Rules: Where Are They Now?

Published On June 10, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | Books, Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty, Women

It’s been a few months since the ill-fated reality TV show, Sin City Rules, bit the proverbial dust.  Produced by TLC, Sin City Rules followed the lives and interactions of six prominent Las Vegas women: Lana Fuchs of Billionaire Mafia, celebrity hypnotist and life management guru, Kimberly Friedmutter, celebrity poker player, Jennifer Harman, local entertainment reporter, Alicia Jacobs, mob boss daughter, Amy Hanley, and Lori Montoya, owner of Rain Cosmetics.


Sin City Rules- Not Real Enough For Reality TV

The show was filled with tension, conflict and lots and lots of drama.  One of the nicest aspects of the show was seeing our city featured predominantly off-Strip which afforded viewers a glimpse of life beyond the casinos and nightclubs here in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately, viewers weren’t interested (or turned off, take your pick) and due to low ratings, the show was ultimately cancelled after just five episodes (the remaining three episodes were available for viewing on TLC’s website).

So where are the ladies of Sin City Rules now?  Are they still “making the rules” here in Sin City?  Well, Recess was able to dig up some info on what became of a few of these interesting and dynamic women.

Red Carpet Premier Party of TLC's Sin City Ruels

Red Carpet Premier Party of TLC’s Sin City Rules – Lori Montoya


Lori Montoya- Still Better Than Beautiful

Lori Montoya, dubbed the “nice girl” of the show, is still taking the make-up industry by storm with her Rain Cosmetics company.  Currently, Rain Cosmetics is once again an official sponsor of the Miss USA Pageant, making these lovely contestants even more lovely.  One of our Recess ladies, Toni Spilsbury, interviewed Ms. Montoya recently and was told that although the show didn’t have a happy ending, Montoya definitely looks back at the experience in a positive way.

Rain Cosmetics

Read Toni Spilsbury’s interview with Rain Cosmetics owner, Lori Montoya


Lana Fuchs- Decoding Secrets of The (Her) Universe

Lana Fuchs was the shows most featured and outspoken Sin City lady.  Fuchs is the CEO and founder of Billionaire Mafia, a fashion and entertainment company.  Fans of Fuchs knew that with the show ending didn’t mean it was the end of Lana. Fuchs released a book, The BluePrint: Success Is a State of Mind, on April 23, 2013, which offers her insight on how to become successful using her own experiences, philosophies and beliefs as a guide.  Read more about her book here.

The Blueprint


Jennifer Harman- Beyond The Poker Table

Jennifer Harman, the most well-known of the group due to her professional poker playing notoriety, was last seen on the show visiting her doctor and getting her vows renewed to husband, Marco Traniello.  Fortunately, Harman is doing better physically since the show aired; she’s still playing poker and has partnered with a few businesses such as E-Trak and

Jennifer Harman

Jennifer Harman


Kimberly Friedmutter- Still Expecting The Exceptional

Kimberly Friedmutter was definitely the peacemaker and voice of reason on Sin City Rules.  Known for her life management expertise and experience as a celebrity hypnotist, Friedmutter has now entered the domain of interior design as a way to transform your life, or “evoking an emotional response to your surroundings” as she likes to say.  It’s no wonder, with her fabulous home, Shangri-Las Vegas, also featured on the show, that Friedmutter is now focusing much of her time on her new venture, aptly named Shangri-Las Vegas.


Kimberly and Brad Friedmutter

Alicia Jacobs – Now a Twitter Diva

As for the former entertainment reporter, once the show was cancelled in early January 2013, the buzz surrounding the self-reported celebrity dater came to a halt.  Jacob’s status as a former entertainment reporter carried her far enough to land the now-cancelled reality show, so only time will tell what that carries her to. If you are missing the scandalous diva, you can always get a play-by-play of her life on Twitter as she details everything from dental appointments to life with Sparkles.


Amy Hanley – Is Trying to “Take On Vegas”, Literally

The last we saw of Amy Hanley and infamous mom “Vegas Rag Doll” Wendy Mazaros, were in heated disagreements on air over the creative direction of the Mob Doll Inc t-shirt and apparel line. Many months later, perhaps the mom/daughter team have still not agreed because the website is still promising “hottest, trendiest, sexiest, glamorous designs the world has seen”. Amy has moved on to a new venture, Take on Vegas.

Sin City Rules Red Carpet

Sin City Rules Red Carpet Premiere

Did you watch Sin City Rules?  If so, what did you think?  Are you happy or disappointed the show was cancelled?  Tell us your thoughts.


Did you miss TLC’s Sin City Rules? Don’t worry, you can catch the entire season here!

Sin City Rules – The Complete Season from LanaLive on Vimeo.


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