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4 Fun Earth Day Activities for Home

Published On April 20, 2013 | By Toni Spilsbury | Community, DIY, Fun, Green Living, Holiday

Celebrating Earth Day at Home

When celebrating Earth Day, what better place to start than at home?  Of course there’s no need to throw a barbeque or head off to the party supply store.

Personally, I like to do a few simple things at home to raise awareness for my family about the importance of preserving our planet (okay, and it’s a good way to remind myself as well), while having some fun.


Here are a few fun ideas to celebrate Earth Day at home:

1.  Plant A Small Garden

I don’t consider myself an expert gardener, and you don’t have to be one to plant a successful small garden in Las Vegas.  Container gardens are a great place to start for planting something simple and easy to grow like lettuce, strawberries or herbs.  Check out these fun home container gardens from and




Here’s a fun home container garden from Birds & Blooms Magazine:

home container gardens


Sprout Robot

If you’re not sure what to plant and when, there’s a great online resource I personally use called Sprout Robot.  Simply visit and type in your zip code, then you’ll receive step-by-step instructions on what and when to plant, when to harvest and more for your area.  They also have ordering available for seeds and supplies, but I find that trip to Lowe’s, Home Depot or Target works just fine.

What I love most about our small garden is the time I get to spend with my kids outdoors while teaching them something as fundamental as how to create the food we eat.

Springs Preserve Gardening Classes

Planting a small home container garden is really not all that complicated.  However, if you’re still unsure of you skills and want to take on a larger garden, Springs Preserve offers local gardening classes from composting and soil maintenance to controlling pests.  Visit to find out more.

visit Springs Preserve website for gardening class schedule

Gardening class Las Vegas visit Springs Preserve website for gardening class schedule


2.  Earth Day Treats

Is there a better way to celebrate any occasion than through some tasty snacks?  Here are some fun Earth Day treats you can make with your family.


The Earth Day Cake

One year I made a simple chocolate cake (to symbolize dirt) with my girls.  Then I whipped up a bowl of royal icing with blue food coloring for the oceans and green food coloring for the land.  Then I colored some coconut green (it’s simple, just add 2-3 drops of food coloring to a bowl of coconut then stir).  I might have also let them use some M&M’s for the mountains, but there’s so many creativity you can use when making a simple project like this.+

Earth Day Cake



My baking skills are nowhere near as good enough to make these adorable Earth Day cookies from Tidymom, but one could try.

Earth Day Cookies

Earth Day Cookies from Tidymom


The Lorax Family Dinner Makeover

The Lorax movie based on the popular Dr. Seuss book is about saving the trees and our planet.  When the movie first debuted, I made this fun Lorax pasta using Duff food coloring to create the fun colored pasta.  I then topped it with steamed broccoli for the trees.  Then if you’re really adventurous, you could add a few drops of electric blue coloring to some Alfredo sauce for the rivers.

Lorax Pasta

The Lorax Pasta from The Organized Cook



3.  Get Crafty

My kids love making crafts almost as much as they love cooking with me in the kitchen or working in our garden.  Here are some fun home craft ideas for kids to celebrate Earth Day:


DIY Bird Feeders

I fell in love with these fun bird feeders from Mom Endeavors and the tutorial looks pretty simple.  I love the fact that she uses old paint cans instead of heading off to the craft store for supplies.  This is called “repurposing” for those of you who don’t already know!

DIY bird feeders

DIY Bird Feeders repurposed from paint cans by Mom Endeavors


Our Garden Rocks!

I love doing painted rock projects with my kids.  You only two things to do this fun craft- rocks and paint!  Here are some adorable painted rock projects from Pinterest:

garden rocks

Painted Rock Garden

Stained Glass Earth

This craft by Mom On Time Out is super easy for kids to do.

Earth Day craft

Stained Glass Planet Earth by Mom On Time Out


4.  Take A Hike

Other ways to celebrate Earth Day at home include taking a nature hike around your neighborhood to recognize local trees, flowers and insects.



Saving The Planet

Of course Earth Day isn’t all about having fun, although integrating these types of activities promotes awareness of Earth Day and it’s importance for the entire family.  However, Earth Day is about finding ways for each of us to contribute to saving this beautiful planet we live on.

Recently, our Recess Contributor, Danielle Liss, wrote about “Five Easy Ways to Live Greener In The Desert”.  If each of us can make just one of these changes, the ripple effect that creates can save the planet.  Danielle talks about using reusable shopping bags, bottling your own water and making your own household cleaner. Read more here:

Live Greener

Five Ways to Live Greener in Las Vegas



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