Garage Sales Made Easier With Rumgr App: A #VegasTech Startup!

Published On April 25, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | And Guys Too, Community, Downtown Project, Social Media, Tech Toys & Tools, Technology, Women

Garage sales have been around since….well, since garages really!  They are a great place to find items to recycle, discover unexpected hidden gems and spend a leisurely weekend afternoon.  But let’s face it, who has time or gas money to waste with the current rates?  Unless they are the organized community garage sales, you are most likely just to stumble upon them and if you have a few minutes to spare, you make a go of it.  Sometimes garage sales are a bust and other times you find exactly what you need.

However, hosting your own garage sale is an entirely different thing altogether.  I’m not a huge fan of these myself and can count on one hand how many I’ve  been a part of in the past.  You have to strategically plan when you’re doing a sale, where to put signs, what to sell out of your garage and how much to charge.  Too much work and too much hassle, at least for me. I’m thankful for those that enjoy doing it and stick to the sidelines as for now.


Mason's Patent Ironstone China - Bow Bells Pattern


This is a find by Melly a few years back at a local sale she ran across!  If you collect china you may have seen this print. It’s Mason’s Patent Ironstone China – Bow Bells Pattern from 1884-1891.  You just never know what you’ll find! I know when she frequents garage sales, she looks for dishes.  Is there anything you look for specifically?

Needing to move, a local gentleman came up with a great way to sell his belongings without the hassle.  No, Dylan Bathurst didn’t use Craigslist.  He simply put his unwanted items that were just too good to throw away on Facebook and Twitter.  The responses were good enough for Bathurst and fellow tech buddies Alex Coleman and Charles Watkins to create a garage sale type app for your phone and Rumgr was born.  Genius!  Now part of Vegas Tech, Rumgr is coming to a smartphone near you!

The Rumgr app works like Twitter and Instagram since you have followers and in turn can follow others.  If there are items you want to sell, just post the photo right on your phone.  Easy!  Rumgr is available for the IPhone.  For more information on this company and their app, please visit their website.


What is your favorite part of the garage sale process? The thrill of the hunt or spending time getting to know your neighbors? We’d love to hear from you!

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