Chowing Down at Cafe Zupas

Published On April 25, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | Cafe Mom, Community, Family, Food, Restaurants

Last night, my family and I sat down and enjoyed a fabulous meal at the new Cafe Zupas’ launch party.  Recess joined bloggers, journalists and friends and fans of Cafe Zupas, eating delicious food and experiencing really excellent customer service while we relaxed in a modern but cozy atmosphere.  Cafe Zupas was founded in 2004 with several locations in Utah and Arizona.  Now they are opening two restaurants here in Southern Nevada, one near Henderson (the one I visited) and the other in Summerlin.

Cafe Zupas Pina Colada Salad

What makes Cafe Zupas unique is their food.  Their soups, salads and sandwiches are homemade with fresh ingredients and it’s all pretty much assembled right before your eyes.  I ordered the Pina Colada Salad because I’ve never eaten a salad named after one of my favorite cocktails and it looked delicious and much to my satisfaction, it tasted delicious too.  My teenage daughter selected the Lobster Bisque (I sampled it and yes, it was yummy) and my husband tried the Honey Bacon Club with the New England Clam Chowder soup.  I’m trying to lose weight so I resisted the urge to steal a bite or two from my hubby.  My two younger children ate grilled cheese paninis with chicken fingers.  Kids’ meals comes with the choice of chocolate-dipped strawberries or bread.  Guess which one they chose.  My seven-year-old must have liked it or he was hungry because he ate his entire meal but my youngest nibbled here and there, however, she devoured the strawberry.  She’s three, what can I say?

Cafe Zupas Rechargeable Bar

In between bites and chatter, I took an opportunity to peruse this establishment and I noticed the rechargeable bar.  It was counter-style with stools and touchscreens and outlets on the wall.  So if you want to have lunch and work on your blog, well, you’ve got free WiFi and place to recharge your batteries.  Really cool and a truly awesome idea.  Way to keep up with the tech crowd (wink and a smile).                                                                                  Cafe Zupas Water Bottle

And the best part of the evening: I won something.  Okay, so it was just a water bottle but I like winning things.  The staff of Cafe Zupas provided information about their restaurants, like their next location in Summerlin which is coming soon, what their favorite soups and sandwiches are (the main chef is partial to the Asian BBQ Pork sandwich) and offered us other fun facts and trivia.  Due to my quick fingers and my teenage daughter scoffing at my smartphone capabilities, I managed to win a water bottle when I posted a Cafe Zupas picture on Instagram.  Yes, I’m awesome with my Samsung Galaxy 2.

Overall, I really like Cafe Zupas and thanks to their great food, cheerful staff and generous upcoming offers, I will definitely return.  I also want to mention that the prices were very reasonable.  Although we didn’t have to pay for our meal, I estimated our check would have been around $40.  Not bad for a family of five and two of those five are a growing boy (my son) and a growing man (my husband).  I recommend this restaurant for anyone, especially families.

Please visit their website to get more information and upcoming offers.  You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Cafe Zupas on Eastern Avenue is now open and will have their official Grand Opening on Saturday, May 18th.  Don’t miss it!

Cafe Zupas Menu and Counter

Cafe Zupas Strawberries Dessert

Cafe Zupas My Family

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    I love zupas! Did not know they had made their way to La’s Vegas! Great to know.

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