Bring a Bit of British to the Table with this Fish & Chips Recipe

Published On April 26, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | Food, Recipes

One of my favorite local restaurants is Crown & Anchor, a British themed pub-style restaurant and bar that has the best burgers and fries in town, at least in my opinion.  My husband finds this hilarious since Crown & Anchor has really fantastic (and authentic) British food, like Bangers & Mash and Scotch Eggs.  They also have Fish & Chips served up British-style and I have to say, it’s a delicious dish as well.  In fact, I tried to make my own using the Pub-Style Fish & Chips recipe from the Organized Cook.  I have to say, I was impressed by how much it tasted like my favorite pub’s fish and chips.

So if you’re craving British pub-style food but want to ditch going to the pub, here’s the Organized Cook’s fabulous recipe that was so easy, I could make it.

Pub-Style Fish & Chips


    • fresh or frozen cod or other white fish – 2 lbs, thawed
    • beer or fish batter – (I use McCormick Golden Dip Beer Batter) 1 10-oz. package
    • potatoes – 2-3 large, peeled and sliced into ½ inch slices
    • malt vinegar
    • tartar sauce
    • lemons – 1-2
Pub Style Chip Sauce
  • • mayonnaise – ¼ cup
  • • dijon mustard – 3 tablespoons (about 3 big squirts)
  • • ketchup – 3 tablespoons (about 3 big squirts)
  • • worcestershire sauce – a few shakes


    1. Heat oven to 400º
    2. Place potato slices in mixing bowl
    3. Season generously with salt
    4. Drizzle about ½ cup oil over the top and toss
    5. Transfer to baking sheet and bake until tender, approximately 35 minutes
    6. For a crispy top, change oven to broil during last 5 minutes
    1. Mix batter according to package directions
    2. Pat fish dry with a paper towel
    3. In large non-stick frying pan heat oil, about 1 inch deep, over medium-high heat (or use deep fryer)
    4. Dip each piece of fish, one at a time, in batter then place in hot oil
    5. Fry fish, turning once, until golden brown on each side, approximately 4 minutes each side
Chip Sauce:
  1. Mix together all ingredients and serve with chips
  2. Garnish fish with malt vinegar and lemon wedges

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