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Published On April 30, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | Books, Community, Entertainment, Women

Romance, recipes, non-fiction and self-help.  The ladies of Recess love to read and fully appreciate various types of literary genres.  That’s why we’d like to dedicate some time to give kudos to local women who have penned their own books and can add “author” to their list of credentials.  Here are a few of those females residing in Las Vegas who ventured into the world of writing:


Vicki Pettersson – Signs of the Zodiac series

The Neon Graveyard by Vicki Pettersson

This former showgirl became a New York Times best selling author with her Signs of the Zodiac series, described as dark urban fantasy.  Pettersson is now working on her new series, Celestial Blues, a mystery thriller which has also received positive reviews.  For more information on Vicki Pettersson and her books, visit her website.


Lana Fuchs – The Blueprint: Success Is a State of Mind

the Blueprint

Lana Fuchs, founder and CEO of Billionaire Mafia and former star of TLC’s Sin City Rules, is now officially an author.  Her newly released book, The Blueprint: Success Is a State of Mind, provides readers with insight and instructions on how to attain success using Fuch’s own beliefs and personal experiences as a guide.  For more information about Lana Fuchs and her new book, check out her website.


Deborah Coonts – Lucky O’Toole series

“I am proof positive that sex sells…and persistence pays off.”  Amen sister.  Deborah Coonts grew up in Texas but eventually relocated to Las Vegas.  After several career changes, Coonts found her niche in writing and after an unsuccessful attempt at writing her first novel, she refused to give up and the Lucky O’Toole series was born.  Set in Las Vegas, her series has it all: casinos, female impersonators, blackmail, murder and …lots of sex.  Deborah Coonts has a site too, so if you’d like more information on her and her books, click here.

Lucky Bastard

Lucky Bastard by Deborah Coonts by Deborah Coonts




Su Kim Chung – Las Vegas Then and Now

Su Kim Chung is a native Californian who moved to Las Vegas when she accepted a job at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas as a manuscripts librarian.  Described as a “photographic journey”, Las Vegas Then and Now is a collection of photos  giving readers a sense of how Las Vegas used to be and how it is now as you get a sense of our city’s evolution.  For more information on Las Vegas Then and Now, I suggest you go to Goodreads and read the reviews.

Las Vegas Then and Now

Las Vegas Then and Now by Su Kim Chung



Toni Spilsbury – The Organized Cook Toni Spilsbury Book Signing

Yes, our very own founder and CEO, Toni Spilsbury is an author.  This shouldn’t be shocking since she’s written several articles for Recess.  Due to her crazy and hectic life of raising four children, Toni still managed to make dinner a priority even when getting it from the store to the kitchen then to the dinner table was a lot of work.  Knowing she was not alone in dinner preparation desperation, Toni decided to take her organization skills, simple meal planning ideas and delicious recipes and turn it all into a book, The Organized Cook.  And we thank her for that.  For more information on Toni Spilsbury and her book, visit her site.

The Organized Cook

The Organized Cook by Toni Spilsbury $15 on Amazon




You can find all the Las Vegas women authors mentioned above on Amazon. Post may contain affiliate links, at no cost to you.

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