La Comida Downtown Las Vegas

La Comida: A Non – Typical Downtown Las Vegas Experience

With all the new and trendy locations opening downtown recently, Recess wanted to make a pit stop at La Comida after Blogger & the Beat. La Comida opened just the night before, April 25th, to packed seats and a full flowing tequila bar. With all the spotlights pointed towards 6th Street, it was no surprise we’d encounter a few speed bumps, to say the least.

la comida margarita

Margaritas de la Casa – photo credit

I’ve worked in the service industry before I found my passion for writing, and that being said, I know the first week of a new restaurant is not the time to check it out! Alas, the call of a refreshing margarita from an authentic Mexican restaurant after a long week of event planning overruled good sense.

I think there are a few new restaurant kinks to work out, maybe not seating a table because it’s open and have guests wait a little bit longer to make sure the staff can accommodate. My husband and I gladly wait (with small children) for thirty minutes for a table at our favorite restaurant because we know the service and food will be outstanding every time. Myself and the other ladies would have been happy to wait that long if we knew our cocktails would have arrived before our food. Twenty minutes for chips and water is not acceptable.  Margaritas arriving AFTER we eat our meal is absurd.


I’m looking forward to dining at La Comida again soon, after the management has worked all the details out. All-in-all I enjoyed my margarita…eventually. I can speak for myself and say I enjoyed the food, even cold it was good. Maybe next time it will get to the table when it’s still hot and I will absolutely love it.

la comida

Entrance of La Comida

If you’re there to take in the relaxed view from the terrace while people watching, La Comida has you covered. They nailed the ambiance. From the alley-like sidewalk entrance dancing with beautiful lighting, to the succulent-filled porcelain sinks that line the patio, it made wondering where our server, food, and drinks slightly easier to bare.

The people watching didn’t disappoint either. From the crazy disco-light decked out peddle bikes to the even crazier stripper-pole limo buses dropping off highly…let’s call them “Happy”, passengers, the La Comida patio is the place to chill with a margarita in hand and scope out the action.

For us, a non-typical downtown Las Vegas experience is just what the doctor ordered, we’re happy to revisit La Comida in the near feature. My hope is it will be all it should be and can be.


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For more information on La Comida, check out their Facebook page by clicking here.  Also see Toni Spilsbury review here.

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