Advertising Done Right… and Wrong….Very Wrong

Published On May 2, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | And Guys Too, Entertainment, Shopping, Women

There have been quite of few commercials and ads that have made news lately for both good and bad reasons.  Whether it was controversial, heartwarming, funny or downright offensive, the companies and their brands have definitely captured our notice.  So one has to wonder, is this brilliant marketing or are these companies going too far?  And what would Don Draper say?

J.C. Penney – Were Sorry, Oh So Very Sorry

J.C. Penney just launched a new commercial letting the public know that they heard all of the complaints and criticisms (and noticed they had lost business) and they’re setting things right.  Since their revamping and higher prices turned off some consumers, they wanted everyone to know that they are truly sorry.  Will it work?  If we don’t see “we’re closing” signs on their doors, then yes, it worked.

Mountain Dew – Violence Against Women and Racial Stereotyping Are Suppose to be Funny, Right?  Anyone?

PepsiCo missed the mark with this commercial for Mountain Dew.  Big time.  I quite don’t know which was worse, the woman getting beat up or the African American gentlemen (who weren’t dressed as gentlemen) standing in a line-up.  Yes, there was a goat to but come on!  It was tasteless and tacky to the extreme.  Fortunately, Pepsi pulled the commercial and hopefully learned a huge lesson in the process: don’t let rapper comedians do commercials for you.

Kraft Salad Dressing – Ladies, He’s Not Christian Grey but He’s Hot, Now Buy Our Dressing

Someone doing Kraft’s advertising did his or her homework.  Not only is it extremely smart to market to women since we typically do most of the household purchases, but to use a sexy shirtless man?  Genius.  It’s obvious that they are capitalizing on the Fifty Shades of Grey and Magic Mike phenomenon because we all know how much money those two ventures made.  Lots.

Ford – This Was Some A**Hole’s Sick Fantasy that We Did Not Approve

We ladies here at Recess aren’t huge Kardashian fans but with that being stated, we all had mixed reactions to an ad depicting the sisters tied and gagged in the back of a Ford truck.  Never meant to be seen, the ads which were created by an advertising agency in India (they were doing ads for Ford India), were somehow leaked to the media.  Ford immediately condemned the ads and apologized.  I have to note that what sucked the most was the country this was associated with because India has been plagued with vicious rapes and assaults on women which has been in the news recently.

Carl’s Jr – We Know Men Are Simple Creatures

My husband and I watch the L.A. Clippers play whenever one of their games airs on T.V.  I started noticing that there was always a Carl’s Jr commercial with some scantily clad woman provocatively eating one of their burgers during the breaks.  Praying my seven-year-old son wasn’t paying attention, I would resist making a big deal about the commercial and changing the channel.  One day I asked my husband why it seemed we mostly see these commercials during the games and he said, “Because men are simple creatures.  We like food and sex.  And they know guys are watching basketball.  Sooo.”  I guess it wasn’t rocket science.

So what would Don Draper say about these ads?  This is what I think…..

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What do you think of these ads?  Did these companies do the right thing?


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