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5 Great Phone Apps for Dads

Published On February 27, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | Entertainment, Just For Dads, Tech Toys & Tools, Technology

My husband is a huge tech geek.  I’m surprised he didn’t serenade me with the I Love Technology song at our wedding (yes, that was a Napoleon Dynamite reference).  It should come as no surprise that my husband works in the IT field, at least not to me.  So when I asked him which phone apps he would recommend for dads out there (since his smart phone seems permanently glued to his hand), he flashed me a huge smile and gave me the tech geek 411.  I was speaking his language after all (sigh).

1.  Smart Tools

Available At: Google Play

Cost: $2.50

If you’re a guy, you probably like to measure things and know where you’re going when walking in a forest.  In other words, gadgets are quite handy.  So here is the perfect app for your phone according to my techy husband.  Smart Tools has a ruler, protractor, level, and compass; it even measures sound and vibration.  Is that cool or what?

For IPhone users, there is an app called Pocket Tools which is similar to Smart Tools but it’s better because it’s free.

2.  Open Table

Available at: Google Play, App Store

Cost: Free

The reason why my husband likes this app is purely due to its convenience.  I always leave it up to him to make restaurant reservations even if we haven’t entirely decided on where we are going.  Open Table allows you to make reservations, get reviews, view menus and search for restaurants nearest to you, right there on your phone.  As an added bonus, you can earn reward points and send out e-mails to your dinner guests.  Pretty cool.

3. Flick Golf

Available At: Google Play, App Store

Cost: $0.99

My husband is not necessarily a golf fan but he loves this app because it’s a fun way to kill time.  He says that Flick Golf does for golf what NBA Jams did for basketball.

4. HoneyDew Shared Todo List

Available At: Google Play

Cost: Free

I have to admit that I actually like this app more than my husband but he has to admit that it’s really a cool app to have.  The HoneyDew Shared Todo List allows you to sync your “todo” lists with your spouse or any family member.  This is perfect for dads who need to go grocery shopping and have no idea what to get.  I also don’t have to worry about writing anything down on paper and praying my husband won’t lose it.

For IPhone users, there is a similar app called Any.Do To-Do List which is free.  It received really great reviews so if you have an IPhone, you may want to check this app out.

5. CBS Sports

Available At: Google Play, App Store

Cost: Free

If you like sports, which my husband does, you will love this app.  The CBS Sports app gives you up-to-the-minute scores if you’re not able to watch a certain game live.  You can also personalize based on your sports and team preferences.


Just a quick note.  The user reviews on this app were not as favorable on the App Store as they were on Google Play.  ESPN Score Center app seems to be more favored by customers of the App Store.

So if you’re a dad and you don’t have these apps, check them out.  They may or may not be for you but take it from the wife of a tech geek husband, always be in the know when it comes to cool phone apps out there.  Sometimes they put certain apps on sale or offer them for free when they are new on the market.



Are you a dad who has a favorite phone app you just can’t live without?  Tell us about it.

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