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6 Great Last Minute Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Published On May 8, 2013 | By Toni Spilsbury | DIY, Education

Teacher Appreciation Week is upon us.  In fact, it sneaked up on me this year and now I’m left scrambling for some ideas to show our teachers a little love.

The first place I always to turn to in a situation like this is to the blogger- for ideas, direction and inspiration.

Did I say inspiration?  Well, that’s an understatement based on what we found.  Here is a roundup of 6 Great Last Minute Teacher Appreciation Gifts.


1.  School Supply Cake from Three Pugs And A Baby

Oh those crafty DIY bloggers!  This school supply “cake” is perfect if you want to make a grand entrance at your school and have the PTA green with envy over your creativity.  Packed full of school supplies, this craft is fairly simple to do with a tutorial here.  On the outside it may also appear to be an economically frugal choice, however, the papier mache nesting boxes are quite pricey and put this craft well over the $50 mark.  So, you’ll have to decide if a $50 gift card to local supply store is something your teacher may appreciate even more.  I guess it depends on your intentions… do you want to “show off” or show appreciation?  Whatever you decide, I’m sure you’ll agree that this craft is just plain adorable.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

School Supply Cake from Three Pugs and a Baby


2.  Starbucks Gift Card

This is always my “go to” idea when it comes to any type of thank you gift.  Who doesn’t love Starbucks?  Even if your teacher doesn’t drink coffee, there are so many great food and beverage choices at Starbucks, from Bento Bistro Boxes to tea and cake pops.  Of course, you could jazz up your gift cards like this:

Starbucks Teacher Appreciation Gift Cards

Starbucks Teacher Appreciation Gift Cards from His Sugar Plum


3.  DIY Chalkboard Frames

I made these adorable chalkboard frames a few years ago for the kids’ teachers.  We had a lot of fun making them and I figured they would be so cute sitting on the teacher’s desk with their names written on them.  The tutorial is simple.

Teacher Chalkboard Paint Frames

Teacher Chalkboard Frames by Toni Spilsbury

4.  Framed Print

This is a great printable that you can frame yourself for your teacher from Balancing Home.

Teacher Appreciation Printable from Balancing Home


5.  Fruit Basket- Blogger Style

My grandmother told me her class would bring an apple to the teacher to show appreciation.  Now, in the day of the blogger, this is how the teacher fruit basket is done.  These adorable fruit basket tags are free to print from Shaken Together Life.

Teacher Appreciation Fruit Basket with Free Printable Fruit Tags from Shaken Together Life


6.  Organically Sweet at Layers Bakery Cafe

When starting out our roundup of great teacher appreciation gift ideas, I was going to leave out all things sugary sweet.  Please, no unhealthy Fanta sodas with a tag reading “You’re Fanta-stic” on it.  I don’t think it’s okay to show your teacher appreciation by giving them unhealthy candy or soda.  However, if you’ve ever visited Layers Bakery Cafe, you would know there are plenty of organic and delicious bakery items that would make the cutest of sweet gifts.

With locations on both the East and West side of town, you’ll want to stay around long enough to get the BB&C (bacon, brie and cranberry) sandwich and a blueberry iced tea.

Layers Cafe located at 665 S. Green Valley Pkwy in Henderson, and new location off of Sunset & 215

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