Burgers or Pizza for Dinner? Why Not Have Both with Turkey Pizza Burgers!

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The weekend is coming up and yes, we can hardly wait too.  Typically, weekend dinners consist of take-out or just going out but sometimes I like to surprise my family and just make a nice home-cooked meal.  Our favorite weekend meals at home are usually pizza or grilled burgers, especially when it’s grilling weather.  But there are those rare occasions why my kids can’t agree on what they want.  One wants pizza and the others want burgers or vice versa.  So what to do?  How about make both?  Crazy, I know.  The Organized Cook has a great recipe for Turkey Pizza Burgers that is easy, delicious and much healthier than regular hamburgers and pizza.

Turkey Pizza Burger


    • ground turkey- 1½ – 2 lbs
    • spaghetti sauce- 1 small jar of your favorite
    • shredded mozzarella cheese- 1 cup (8 oz.)
    • shredded Parmesan cheese- 1/2 cup
    • black olives, sliced- 1 small can, drained
Staples (Items you probably already have in your kitchen)
  • garlic salt- 1 tablespoon
  • olive oil


  1. Season turkey with garlic salt.
  2. Heat olive oil in heated or non-stick skillet over medium-high heat.
  3. Hand form burger patties and place in skillet to cook, flipping once, until cooked thoroughly, approximately 7 minutes per side
  4. While in skillet, top burgers with a spoonful of sauce, a small handful of mozzarella cheese (about 2 tablespoons) and some olives.
  5. Cook thoroughly and until cheese is melted over medium heat, approximately 4 more minutes.
  6. Transfer to plate.

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