A Review of Goodnight Tweetheart: A Social Media Romance Novel

A Review of Goodnight Tweetheart: A Social Media Romance Novel

Published On May 15, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | Books, Social Media, Women

The ladies of Recess love a good book and we love our social media so a review of Goodnight Tweetheart: A Social Media Romance Novel was added to the must read list!.  So when author,Teresa Medeiros, wrote Goodnight Tweetheart, a novel about two people connecting and then falling in love when they meet on Twitter, well, we just had to read it.  Who doesn’t love a good love story, especially one that involves witty characters, a ton of pop culture references and social media?

If you were a fan of You’ve Got Mail with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, you may like Goodnight Tweetheart.  The story follows main characters Abigail Donovan, a best selling novelist who is having a bad case of writer’s block and a slight case of agoraphobia, and one of her Twitter followers, Mark Baynard, an English lit professor on sabbatical traveling Europe.  Struggling to live up to the success of her first novel, Abigail decides to join the world of Twitter since she basically shut out the real world and meets Mark who offers to help her navigate “Twitterverse”.  Both inspired and envious of Mark’s travels abroad, Abigail forces herself to join the land of the living, finish her book and take a chance on love.  But is Mark who he says he is or Abigail getting sucked into a place where anyone can create the ultimate illusion?

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What I really liked about Medeiros’ novel was her writing which was both clever and funny.  I definitely had laugh out loud moments especially during the characters bantering back and forth on Twitter.  The concept of two people falling in love but who’ve never actually met isn’t new but I have to admit, it’s been a while since I’ve read something that had me falling in love with the characters.  Abigail’s story is a heartbreaking one but Mark’s will have you grabbing for tissues.  And if you haven’t already, Medeiros will have you wanting to go to New York.

What disappointed me was how short the book was (I finished it in an afternoon) and the ending was kind of abrupt.  Whenever I read a novel, I like to be taken on a literary ride and if it takes me a few days to read, well so be it because the journey should be worth it.  But Goodnight Tweetheart was a very quick read and the bulk of the novel was the tweeting (again, it was hilarious) but I wish there would have been, well….more.  Had I bought this book ($15 for paperback and $8 for e-book), I think I would have been mad.  In fact, I know I would have been mad.  I’ve read books for $0.99 and a few for free that were way better and much longer than this novel.  In other words, Goodnight Tweetheart was a good read but I wish Medeiros would have added more chapters because the story shouldn’t have ended where it did.  However, I would definitely read other books by this author because her writing style was that awesome and I appreciate good humor.


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