5 Reasons Why Libraries Are Awesome

Published On June 25, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | Books, Cafe Mom, Community, Education, Family, Technology

Whenever I visit my local library, I’m so grateful that there is still one to go to.  With bookstores (and actual books) becoming a thing of the past, I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed that libraries won’t be added to the list of all things obsolete (I’m thinking of you, Blockbuster).  Due to budget cuts and the library tax bill being voted down, our local libraries have resorted to closing earlier in the day and the Henderson Libraries are closed two days a week instead of just one.  Sucks, I know.  But will there be even more cutbacks looming in the future?  Well, I certainly hope not because libraries are awesome and here a just a few reasons why this lady of Recess thinks so.


It’s Free

Everyone knows that libraries don’t charge admission and you can check books out without money changing hands.  But did you know you can download music and e-books for free as well?  Both Las Vegas-Clark County District Library and Henderson Libraries partnered up with vendors such as freegal music, OverDrive and Freading in order to offer residents the opportunity to download ebooks, digital audiobooks, and music.  You just need a library card to obtain access.  Please note: There are limits on the number of downloads and other restrictions apply so please visit their websites or contact your local library for downloading requirements.

It’s a Great Way to Kill Time

If you have an hour to kill and don’t want to spend it outdoors because the weather is either scorching hot or freezing cold and you DON’T want to spend money, the library is a great place to go, especially if you have kids.  Last year, I had just over an hour between dropping my son off at his afternoon Kindergarten class and picking up my oldest from 8th grade.  Fearing my two-year-old would fall asleep if I went home, I would often struggle to find something for us to do during that hour.  The library was the perfect haven in which to spend that hour without fear of my daughter falling asleep, having to battle the elements or whipping out my debit card to spend money I’d rather not spend.

Whether I was perusing the latest novels or letting my daughter play in the toddler area, it was a great way to kill time before having to pick up my oldest and getting on with my day.

Library 2

It Has Cool Stuff

The Henderson Libraries have quite a few book clubs including a Senior Center Book Club and a Mystery Readers Book Club (oooh, sign me up for that one!).  At alternating locations (there are 3 in Henderson), there are monthly book sales where you can purchase donated books.  Carr Chat, hosted by novelist Robyn Carr, features a variety of authors who come and discuss their works with readers.  According to the site, there are book signings following each “chat”.

The LVCCLD has some pretty cool things going on as well.  They offer a Film Series, which include children’s movies, at various locations.  Check out their Lunchtime Movie Matinees or their Adult Film Showings.  You can always find a gallery exhibit at one of their locations.  Life in the Philippines is currently on display at the Enterprise location and Pow Wow Portraits is at the Rainbow library.

library 4

It’s Educational

If you want your child to read more, exposing him or her to the library is a good way to achieve that.  When my son started Kindergarten, I made sure he had a library card.  At the beginning of his first grade year, I showed my son how to find a book using the library’s computer and by the time first grade was over, he could look a book up and then find it himself.  He may not know how to build a campfire but he sure knows how to find a book on how to build one!

The libraries also offer homework help, tutoring and reading programs.  Contact your local library for more information about these programs.

If you’re looking to get your kids really excited about reading, take them to one of LVCCLD’s Storytime and Events which are offered at various locations and times.  They also put on puppet shows and provide fun activities for the kids.  And it’s free!

library 3

It Brings You Closer to the Community

Every time I go to the library, I feel as though I’m part of the community.  I’m supporting services used by my fellow residents and neighbors who also use (and need) the services of the library.  Donating when I can, whether it’s a few bucks here or gently used books there, supporting these libraries in any capacity is vital.  I don’t want them to become obsolete, ever.  I think it would be a huge blow to our community if we didn’t have this great resource.

For more information about Henderson Libraries, please visit their website.  Follow on Facebook and Twitter.

For more information about Las Vegas-Clark County District Library (LVCCLD), please visit their website.  Follow on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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