Ticket Cake: Another #VegasTech Startup

Published On June 25, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | Community, Downtown Project, For Bloggers, Social Media, Technology

Okay, we ladies here at Recess love anything with the word “cake” in it but Ticket Cake is more than just it’s delicious sounding name.  Ticket Cake is an online event management company that started in a Salt Lake City garage by three individuals who were fresh out of college.  Aspiring to be a part of the growing tech community in Downtown Las Vegas, the Ticket Cake team left Utah and relocated their company to the heart of Sin City.  Recognizing talent and innovation when they saw it, VegasTechFund provided Ticket Cake with seed funding (these are funds given to help a company in its early stages to get the ball rolling, so to speak) and the rest was history.  Earlier this year, Ticket Cake announced they hit the $1 million mark in tickets sold and co-founder and COO, Jacqueline Jensen won the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award this past March.  I’d say Ticket Cake is doing well.

Ticket Cake

Vegas Give Camp Event on Ticket Cake

How Ticket Cake Works

Ticket Cake sells tickets to events at competitive rates which basically means they keep their service fees reasonably priced.  You find the event you want to attend and Ticket Cake has all of the information nicely laid out for you.  And if you’re into social media sharing, Ticket Cake makes it super easy to tweet, pin, and post the event.  There is even a short link to the event provided to you (just copy and paste).  Once you purchase your tickets, Ticket Cake sends you a confirmation via e-mail which is all you need (with ID) to get into the event.  Simple and easy.

If you want to set up an event with Ticket Cake, that’s super easy as well.  They basically take all of the work of selling and managing the ticket process out of your hands.  Free of cost and no contractual obligations to worry about, those who use Ticket Cake’s services can expect quite a few things:

Promotion: They’ve got the social media thing down so expect your event to hit Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets.

Customer Tracking: If you want to know the best avenue for getting people to your event (i.e. Twitter, online ads, flyers, etc), Ticket Cake can help you with that.

Blogging: They blog!  If you want Ticket Cake to write a blog about your organization and event, just provide them with the details and photos.

Generosity: Ticket Cake offers 100% of the ticket price sold if the organization is a charity and a reduced consumer service fee if the event is for fundraising.

Check out Ticket Cake’s website by clicking here.  Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.  Read more about VegasTechFund by clicking here.

And did I mention the site is really cute?  Well, it is.


What Is Ticket Cake? from Ticket Cake on Vimeo.

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  1. Thanks for the love Christa and RecessLV.com! We love being part of the #VegasTech community and were excited to read your kind words about TicketCake.com. Thanks again!

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