Defending the Caveman

Defending the Caveman

Published On May 22, 2013 | By Lisa Drake | And Guys Too, Entertainment, Women

Are men and women really different…or is it just a simple misunderstanding?

I recently got the opportunity to take in Defending the Caveman at The Improv at Harrah’s Las Vegas.  The tickets were a birthday gift from a friend of mine, and the intent had been for myself, her and two other girlfriends to attend the show.  Now, my first thought was, “Why on earth would a group of women want to see a show like this?”  Turned out that my friend ended up calling into work for that evening so I took my husband and two very good friends with us (who are a couple).  And though the dynamics of the attending group changed, we found out just how female-friendly this show really is.

Defending the Caveman

Kevin Burke takes his final bow at his last full time performance of Defending the Caveman at Harrah’s Las Vegas on Monday, May 13

Men and women are different!  We’re from different planets even if you buy into the notion of popular literature.  But this show posits that these differences can be bridged…if only we attempt to truly understand where each is coming from.  And it does this with a healthy dose of hilarity.  According to current lead caveman, Chris Allen (who recently took over the helm as from Kevin Burke), cavemen actually worshiped women and the “magic” they do (i.e. women’s amazing ability to “gather” large amounts of information and our ability to “predict” things).  Through a recounting of stories based on his life with wife, Chelsea, Chris relays how men and women simply go about tackling life from different perspectives.  Men are negotiators and women are cooperators (relayed via a story about chips-n-dip) and we just need to spend some time in each others’ perspectives.  Women are the finders and gatherers of information and things.  A woman can go into a store and wander for hours without a plan or a care in the world.  But, put a man in a store without a plan, without a goal or reason for being there, and you may as well have dumped him in the middle of the Sahara Desert without a compass or water.  Men are the hunters and their laser-like (think, horse blinders) focus needs a plan and a goal.  Women have imagination and are all about bonding (and they want men to be, too).  However, men are lacking the imagination connection and are perfectly happy bonding over no more than a sentence (or insult) or two (this is relayed via a story about the differences in how men and women “hang out” and another, hilarious, story on how very differently men and women greet each other).

Defending the Caveman

Kevin Burke, Defending The Caveman’s lead caveman for the past 10 years hands over the caveman spear to his successor Chris Allen. Burke’s final full-time performance was on Monday, May 13. Chris Allen began performances on Tuesday, May 14

The show has a few slow spots, but moreover it is filled with plenty of material that both men and women can relate to and heckle each other about after the show.  I did notice that the women in attendance seemed to get the biggest kick out of the show, but the guys chuckled along, too (my husband and my friend’s guy were in the “chuckle along” category).  I also greatly enjoyed some of the more poignant moments in the show where caveman Chris puts his, and fellow cavemen’s, actions into a touching perspective.

Men, you may cringe, chuckle, turn red and think “Who me?”, but ladies, you will laugh!

Just a side note: At the end of the show, you can purchase a t-shirt and the proceeds benefit Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada.

About Defending the Caveman
Defending the Caveman is a worldwide, rock-solid tour-de-force.  The blockbuster has won the hearts of millions in more than 45 countries and has been translated into 18 different languages. This hilariously insightful show about the ongoing misunderstandings between men and women has both sexes roaring with laughter and recognition. With hysterical insights into contemporary feminism, masculine sensitivity and the erogenous zone, Defending the Caveman mines the common themes in relationships that go straight to the funny bone.

Defending the Caveman is performed nightly at 7 p.m., with additional matinee shows on Sundays and Mondays at 4 p.m., inside The Improv Showroom at Harrah’s Las Vegas. Tickets for Defending the Caveman start at $39.95 for Regular Reserved, $49.95 for VIP including a t-shirt, and $59.95 for Premium VIP, which includes a t-shirt and premium seating. There is a $5 discount on all ticket levels for matinee shows. All prices are plus tax & fees. Tickets are available at the Harrah’s Las Vegas Box Office, online at, or by calling (702) 369-5111.

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