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Rain Cosmetics Making Las Vegas Women Better Than Beautiful

Published On May 22, 2013 | By Toni Spilsbury | Cafe Mom, Fashion & Beauty, Trends, Women

Rain Cosmetics Making Las Vegas Women “Better Than Beautiful”

I recently stopped in to visit with the owner and staff of Rain Cosmetics.  The Las Vegas-based makeup company is known for promoting and helping women be “better than beautiful” here in Southern Nevada, and their appeal is spreading worldwide as women on the go are needing that “24/7” look.  This is Sin City after all!

Rain Cosmetics owner, Lori Montoya, knows more than most of what it means to live a busy fast-paced lifestyle.  The reception area of Rain Cosmetics boasts business accomplishments of both Lori and husband, Rob Montoya, with his upcoming project Presidential Club, an exclusive amenities facility in Las Vegas.

Rain Cosmetics

Las Vegas Women, Las Vegas Lifestyle

With Las Vegas-themed lipstick colors like “Cocktail Hour”, “Bottle Service” and “After Hours”, Rain Cosmetics has taken the 24/7 Las Vegas lifestyle appeal to the global market.  “We don’t just target Las Vegas,” says Rain Cosmetics owner, Lori Montoya, “our makeup artists adapt really well to global trends.”

Rain Cosmetics

Junior Renteria

Rain Cosmetic’s celebrity makeup artist and trendsetter, Junior Renteria looking more serious than usual.

Rain Cosmetics gained national attention when it was chosen as the makeup company for Miss USA for the past two years. Deepening that attention, Shop NBC recently featured Rain Cosmetics giving the local company a boost in online sales.

Rain Cosmetics

Junior Renteria, owner-Lori Montoya and Danielle Capps in the studio at Rain Cosmetics

Summer Makeup Trends

According to Montoya and Renteria, this summer’s hottest trends are faded pastels like salmon and coral on the lips and cheeks. Junior also suggested a lighter foundation that still provides protection from the sun like Rain’s Conceal and Reveal foundation.

Rain Cosmetics

Rain Cosmetic’s top picks for Summer 2013


My personal favorite is this eyeshadow palette titled “Girl Next Door“. I think this may be the only palette I’ll need for this Summer….. and Fall.

Rain Cosmetics

“Girl Next Door” eyeshadow palette $38.00 online

Celebrity makeup artist for Rain Cosmetics and trendsetter, Junior Renteria, was there to give me some pointers about styling myself for my upcoming Ladybug Ball to benefit Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation.  Junior is known as being a leader and educator for aspiring makeup artists. With a geometric dress, Junior suggested I go bold on my lip color with their Glam Lipstick in “Red Carpet” red.  I have to say that he was right, I felt “better than beautiful” for my big night!

Toni Spilsbury

Toni Spilsbury in Lipstick color “Red Carpet” by Rain Cosmetics

Life After Sin City Rules

Known as the nice girl and peacemaker on TLC’s Sin City Rules, I asked Lori Montoya about the experience of being on the show and if she thought it helped her business.  “I loved the experience” responded Lori, “It helped me come out of my shell.  I stayed true to myself during the show and didn’t want to start any fight.”

Unfortunately, Lori’s cast mates didn’t have the same intentions.  The first cat fight erupted on the now-cancelled reality show about two minutes into the premier episode and Rules was cancelled by TLC just six episodes into its first season.

Red Carpet Premier Party of TLC's Sin City Ruels

Red Carpet Premier Party of TLC’s Sin City Ruels

The show’s cancellation hasn’t left any empty spots on Lori’s calendar, however.  The entrepreneur and “girl next door” is on to bigger and better things with a booming cosmetics company and the opening of the new Presidential Club.  It’s a good thing her makeup can keep up with her!

Rain Cosmetics Makeup Workshops

If you’re an aspiring makeup artist, you won’t want to miss one of workshops given by Junior Renteria at Rain Cosmetics.  There’s also a “Makeup & Me” workshop open to the public where $150 will get you 6 hours of tutorial with one of the hottest celebrity makeup artists in town.

For more information visit raincosmetics.com.

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