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Is Tumblr Worth a Billion Dollars? Perhaps…

Published On May 29, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | For Bloggers, Social Media, Tech Toys & Tools, Technology

Yahoo Purchases Tumblr for a Billion Dollars – Was It Worth It?

Is Tumblr Worth a Billion Dollars?  Whenever I think of Tumblr, I think of millions of fan girls out there dedicating their time to post pictures, videos and clever memes and gifs of their favorite celebrities.  I happened to tumble upon several Tumblr sites devoted to a very handsomeKhal Drogo Tumblr Love actor, Jason Momoa, made famous when he played Khal Drogo in the Game of Thrones.  Unfortunately, his character died but he lives on thanks to Tumblr and several of his fans.  But Tumblr isn’t just about photos of sexy, hot men; it has become a huge mecca for blogging since Tumblr has over a million blogs, with several highly active users according to the New York Times.  Hoping to capitalize on the ever-growing social media phenomenon, Yahoo is willing to spend big money in order to revamp their staled and dated company who has failed to keep up with Google and Microsoft.  There is no doubt that Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo, needs to do something to draw internet and social media users but the question remains: is Tumblr worth a billion dollars?

About Tumblr

Tumblr is a social networking site which allows the user to engage in “microblogging” by posting texts, photos, videos, quotes and links.  You can even chat and add music.  It’s similar to other social media sites (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) in that you can follow other blogs and they can reciprocate, recent postings will appear on a main page, and account management can be done via a nifty Tumblr phone app.  Users can add and link their other social media accounts and customize the look of their page by choosing from various themes provided (although some will cost you).  Tumblr differs from other social media outlets in a way that it has the look and feel of a blog which is why some users choose Tumblr as their main blog platform while others use it as an additional social media tool for their blogs or brands.

Life Magazine Tumblr Page

Life Magazine Tumblr Page

Tumblr and the Traditional Blogger

Most traditional bloggers use WordPress to host and manage their sites, myself included.  Some bloggers don’t use Tumblr at all, myself included also.  According to Blogging Pro, traditional bloggers should stay with WordPress however those who aren’t embracing Tumblr are making a huge mistake.  They provide three compelling reasons: location, connection and money.  Blogging Pro states that bloggers who choose not to use Tumblr are missing out on a huge opportunity since 1) Tumblr is becoming a very popular platform for social media interaction 2) posting options are better and unlimited which can allow certain bloggers to reach a wider audience and 3) users can place their own ads and affiliate links on their site for free.  To read more about Blogging Pro’s Why WordPress Bloggers Need a Tumblr Account, click here.


The Fluffington Post Tumblr Page

The Fluffington Post Tumblr Page


Will Yahoo’s Money Be Well Spent?

Facebook took a huge gamble when they purchased Instagram for $1 billion but it paid off in the end.  So will Yahoo have the same luck if they pay slightly over that for Tumblr?  Well that remains to be seen.  In my opinion, people rarely like change, especially when the changes affect us in a negative way.  As long as Yahoo keeps the status quo in the world of Tumblr, it should continue to do well and maybe they will see a good return on their investment like Facebook.  In the meantime, Tumblr, boasting 51.7 billion posts on their site to date, will be seeing a huge payday in their future.

And did I mention that you can find just about anything on Tumblr?

The Cosby Sweater Project

The Cosby Sweater Project Tumblr Page

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