Eating Vegan in Vegas

Eating Vegan in Vegas Is Now an E-Book

Published On May 24, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | Books, Eating Healthy, Food, Health, Social Media
Eating Vegan in Vegas

Photo Courtesy of Paul Graham/Eating Vegan in Vegas

Eating Vegan in Vegas isn’t just a widely successful blog, it’s now an e-book too!  Eating Vegan in Vegas: If It Can Happen Here … It Can Happen Anywhere written by Paul Graham, chronicles his year-long journey of eating one vegan meal a day at various restaurants here in Sin City.  Known for it’s decadent food and 5-star restaurants, Las Vegas is probably the last place one would think of as being vegan-friendly so Graham’s book may surprise you.  His book lends insight on how Las Vegas has quickly embraced this healthy and earth-conscious way of eating.

About Paul Graham

Former resident of California, Graham now resides in Las Vegas and lives a vegan lifestyle.  Deciding to explore and engage the community, Graham made a year-long commitment to eating a vegan meal everyday in a Las Vegas restaurant.  Talking to both chefs and patrons, Graham discovered that there is indeed a growing awareness and a collective interest in being kinder to our environment which includes going vegan.  Graham started his blog Eating Vegan in Vegas which is a collection of restaurants he frequented, people he met, photos he’s taken, and hope he’s been given in knowing that the vegan lifestyle is alive and well here in Southern Nevada.  And if it can happen here, well it can happen anywhere!

Paul Graham Eating Vegan in Vegas

Paul Graham of Eating Vegan in Vegas

Paul Graham is also a Sandbox Revolution member and we are so happy to have him in our circle of friends.

What Is a Vegan?

Paul Graham Eating Vegan in Vegas

Photo courtesy of Paul Graham/Eating Vegan in Vegas

About Eating Vegan In Vegas

Now available at Sullivan Street Press, an environmentally-conscious e-publishing company, Eating Vegan in Vegas will cost you $12.95.  The book includes Graham’s blog photos (which are fantastic by the way) and a Las Vegas restaurant vegan meal guidebook.  You can see all of the vegan meals Graham sampled at restaurants all over Southern Nevada.  Now that is truly awesome.

Paul Graham Eating Vegan in Vegas

Paul Graham’s Eating Vegan in Vegas is now an e-book

Check out the Eating Vegan in Vegas blog.  Like the Facebook page and follow on Twitter @EatingVeganLV.

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About The Author

UNLV graduate, wife, mother of three, blogger and aspiring novelist, Christa Schueler brings her writing, editing and research skills to Recess. As an advocate for education and health reform and a 25 year Las Vegas resident, Christa understands the need for providing a platform and a "voice" for women in Southern Nevada. Despite Las Vegas being one of the fastest growing cities in the country, Christa has seen continual lack of community connection and strives to change that. Now, she's joined the sandbox revolution!

3 Responses to Eating Vegan in Vegas Is Now an E-Book

  1. I would love to have a copy of Paul’s e-book – I already purchased it for my phone, but would love a hard copy as well.
    How do I go about getting that?
    Thank you kindly,
    Sari Dennis, CHC AADP

    • Hey Sari!

      Paul’s book is only available in e-book format right now, however, at some point there will be a printed version that can be requested (not sure when). Paul let us know that you can download a free kindle or kobo e-reader app and even put it on a desktop computer if not a laptop, tablet, or phone.

      Thank you for your question 🙂

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