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Published On June 14, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | And Guys Too, Daily Deals, Women

Over 250,000 weddings are called off every year. – Bridal Brokerage

When I was a young girl, my uncle was getting married (for the second time) and I was declared the flower girl.  Excited at the prospect of wearing a pretty dress and throwing fresh blooms down the aisle, I couldn’t wait for my uncle’s big day.  Unfortunately, the bride changed her mind and called the pending nuptials off leaving me with a new dress, an empty basket and crushed dreams of being a flower girl.  My mother was able to dye my entire outfit purple so I could wear it for Easter thus turning lemons into lemonade but I wonder if my uncle, who was footing the bill, was able to do the same.

Sometimes bad things happen: accidents, illness, natural disasters …and even, cold feet.  When these misfortunes occur after deposits have already been placed on a wedding, especially an expensive wedding, well that’s a disaster in itself.  Depending on the situation, the venue and time of year, it’s highly suggested (and sometimes required) for couples to obtain a wedding insurance policy.  However, many couples don’t get insurance or decide to not go through with the wedding due to a change of heart which most insurances don’t cover.  Hurricanes, yes: falling out of love, no.  This often results in lost deposits and last-minute cancellation fees.  Wedding venues are left with last-minute vacancies.  It’s not a win-win situation.

On the flip side, there are couples who do make it to the alter but either settle for a wedding they can afford or put themselves into debt for the wedding of their dreams.  Again this is not an ideal situation.  Who wants to start a marriage with tons of bills to pay off or regrets of not having the “perfect” wedding?

That’s where Bridal Brokerage comes in.  Featured in the New York Times, NPR and Forbes, Bridal Brokerage buys weddings from couples who can’t or won’t get married after all and sell weddings to couples who are on a budget but still want it all.  After witnessing firsthand the trials and tribulations of cancelling a wedding, Lauren Byrne founded Bridal Brokerage when she came up with the idea of selling already planned and nearly paid for weddings to couples who haven’t gotten that far in the process.  There is a fee collected by Bridal Brokerage and they do work with vendors to get the best deals and prices.  One of those vendors is a local chapel and reception hall, Victoria’s Weddings & Receptions, located on W. Sahara Avenue.

For more information about Bridal Brokerage, please visit their website.  Like them on Facebook, follow on Twitter @BridalBrokerage, and check out their boards on Pinterest.

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