The Power of Mobile Marketing & Social Media

At RECESS, we have the only ads that Tweet! Whether you’re waiting in the doctor’s office or sitting at soccer practice, take a look around and notice where your customers are. They’re online using mobile devices, so the question is, where are you?
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Social Media has changed the rules of marketing and advertisement, so we figure traditional sidebar and banner website advertisement needs to evolve as well. With a network of over 50 local bloggers contributing to RECESS, advertisements can run on main page or specific Categories like Entertainment, Fashion and Health. Advertisement running across multiple blog platforms throughout our network is also available. We also offer progressive mobile device advertisements.

Here are a list of advertising options.  Select your option then fill out our Advertise Here Form here.


But first! Check out our informative Media Kit here to find out what makes RECESS so unique:

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Media kit from Toni Spilsbury



Recess had Digital Advertisement options to include:

  • Mobile Advertisement

    Advertise with Las Vegas bloggers!

    Advertise with Las Vegas bloggers

  • Sidebar Premium 300×250 Ad Main Page + All Category Pages throughout network of local bloggers, above fold
  • Sidebar Premium 300×250 Ad Main Page + All Category Pages on, above fold
  • In-Post Banner Advertisement on
  • Events Calendar Advertisement
  • Business Directory Advertisement
  • Twitter and Facebook amplification (multiple accounts/posts per day)
  • View and Click Performance Reporting
  • Additional Twitter and Facebook amplification (multiple accounts throughout network of local bloggers/posts per day) additional $199/month
  • Ad Graphic Design for additional $69 one-time fee

Cost: $79-$999/30 days 

6-month Ad Subscriptions are also available $300-$4,200 billed monthly for six months 



Social Media Campaigns


Product Review- Blog Outreach Campaign

More and more consumers are looking online before making major purchase decisions.  Bloggers bring a loyal following by engaging their readers on a more personable and trustworthy level.  Tapping in to a network of the

Mangodrin Blogger #MangoChallenge

“right” bloggers can bring businesses that same level of personal marketing.  Check out our recent Blogger Events & Campaigns here.

RECESS is that gateway that connects businesses with women through the power of social media.  Get your product or service reviewed by our network of bloggers.  Campaigns include social media outreach with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. Cost:  varies, please fill out Advertise Inquiry form here.



Event Coverage- Blog Outreach Campaign

Whether you’re launching a new business or product with an event, the power of the blogger to promote your venture is undeniable.  Bloggers typically have a loyal following, especially within their specialized area.  They also have a strong social media influence and know how to use outlets like Twitter, Facebook and

Sin City Rules Red Carpet Party powered by Recess

Sin City Rules Red Carpet Party powered by Recess

Pinterest to reach the widest audience to promote content.  Blogger event coverage includes Tweet-Ups and/or Twitter Parties through Instagram in addition to blog and Facebook posting. Cost:  varies, please fill out Advertise Inquiry form here.



Blogger Event or Tweet-Up

Fresh & Easy Holiday Blogger Event

Fresh & Easy Holiday Blogger Event

A blogger event gives you intimate access to influential bloggers who will write about, tweet about and talk about your product, event or service.  Tweet-Ups are the best way to spread the message about your event, product or service to the widest audience in the shortest amount of time, or what I like to refer to as a “social media channel takeover”. Did you know that 80% of all household purchase decisions are made by women and that we make up half of the population here in Southern Nevada? Studies show that more and more women are looking online before making purchase decisions. RECESS is a gateway that connects businesses with women through the power of social media in addition to traditional advertisement.

Cost:  varies, please fill out Advertise Inquiry form here.



Twitter Party

Twitter parties are a great way to advertise your product or service by engaging Twitter followers to join in fun, interactive online discussion tailored around your business.  Someone who is engaging in authentic conversation about your brand is more willing to listen to your advertising message.  Having a Twitter party is also a great way to increase your following.  Our network is experienced and well-versed in creating, organizing and promoting a Twitter party, from the initial concept down to the last tweet.

Cost:  varies, please fill out Advertise Inquiry form here.



Social Media Contest, Sweepstakes or Giveaway

Hosting a Contest, Sweepstakes or Giveaway is the best way to dramatically increase your social media following in the least amount of time.  RECESS knows how to best leverage your product or service as Giveaway through  promoted through our network of bloggers across numerous platforms to increase awareness of your business.  Through a Contest or Sweepstakes, your product or service has the potential to be seen by millions while getting potential customers involved with your marketing through the power of social media.

Cost:  varies, please fill out Advertise Inquiry form here.


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