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Though, furniture is a prime source of any building structure, which resonates with other essential factors of the building. In renovation process many of others like furniture, concrete strength and wall papers are need to add to make important home improvement or renovation of home or building structure. Furniture, stone, marvel are the essential as well as key points of any building structure to make well appearance of the renovate structure. Footing and foundation is also a superior part of any structure, those also play a vital role in the renovation process with other key factors of the home improvement.


In home improvement or renovation process design of material or structure is always an essential part of building designing. Various phases of structure design under renovation process are:

  • Planning phase: this phase will consider various factors that affect the structure and dimensions of the building. Here, we firstly understand that for which purpose this structure will be used and after that we will planned about it. The basics factors of the planning phase are asthetics, sociology, economy and the environment.
  • Design phase: here the structural detail of every building members are included. In this phase the 3d views are included that helps us to know the preview of our designing. Nowadays, many new technologies are used that help us to determine our designing. Here, the dimensions, proportions, overview, and connection details are mainly considered.
  • Construction phase: this phase involves the structural designing of the designed project. It involves the management of materials and equipments, labor movement and erection process. Some difficulties may occur but it could be solved in the designing phase with the help of new technologies like CAD, AUTOCAD etc.

The various kinds of designs involves in structural designs that helps to modify more a structure and make it look more beautiful are:

  • Roof designing: nowadays various kinds of roof designs are used to make a structure more beautiful are as ceiling, POP’s. They are used to designs the roofs according to someone’s need or wish. 
  • Wall printings and designing: various styles are used to design a structure walls that make them unique too. We can also use many precious stones for the designing and also use printing procedures.
  • Wallpaper designing: In today’s era many new designing techniques are available so that we can use them to décor the walls according to our wishes.  We can use wallpapers, some work related photos, some maps, or some other things that are suitable according to a structure.
  • Floor designing: floor design is always a major part of any building structure. Design of floor depends upon the stone density or type of marvel and other factors. Floor finishing is also a unique definition of building structure. 

These are the mainly structural point of view any building design work with some necessary elements that can perform a wise role in the whole work of designing as well as in the renovation process. Whole process design of structure, footing, and other essential factors that are important in aspect of design a great material renovation play a really outstanding role.


Furniture design, structural design, footing and other factors that are crucial to make a great structure of building or renovate a home or make some improvement in all aspect structural design a great opportunity with other important as well as valuable features in the whole designing purposes. Home improvement, renovation and other elements play a vital role in the process of designing a giant structure with well equipped all essential safeties as well as precautions.    

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