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Below is a query of recent blog post ideas and assignments.  If you have any questions or comments about either, please feel free to email Editor At Large, Christa at [email protected].

Editorial submissions Las Vegas woman's magazine


Lemonade Stand

  • Are you a “mommy” blogger who has a great story to share? Tell us about your blog.  How did you get started?  What were your successes and challenges?
  • Fall is coming, tell us what changes you make to your routine with the cooler months.
  • Do you have a weekly family-night in place in your home, tell us about what fun things you connect with your family.
  • We love to hear from dads too!  Are you a dad who has a blog?  Share your blog story.
  • Do you have a great “staycation” idea?  Please share your favorite places you and your family like to stay or visit here in Las Vegas.


slim waist

  • Are you a food activist (or an aspiring one)?  Tell us what you do to combat all the GMO’s and chemicals that end up in our food.
  • Are you trying to lose weight or recently shed unwanted pounds?  Tell us what worked (and what didn’t).
  • Do you agree that Las Vegas needs better healthcare?  Share your healthcare successes and disappointments (and nightmares).
  • Do you or a family member have to adhere to a special diet (gluten-free, sugar-free, nut-free, etc.)?  Tell us how about recipes you’ve found to be both delicious and easy to make for your special diet.

Fashion & Beauty


  • Do you have easy and simple make-up tips for busy moms?  Share with us!
  • Do you have fall wardrobe staples, how do you accessorize them?
  • Are you a fashionista on a tight budget? Share your tips on how you save money and look great doing it.
  • Do you spend tons of money on skin creams and body scrubs or do you make your own?  We’d love for you to share your DIY beauty products.


evening call at mandalay bay

  • Do you have a favorite “date night” restaurant in Las Vegas you and your significant other like to frequent?  Share with us.
  • Do you know of any local Las Vegas hidden gems that you want everyone to know about?  Tell us about them and what makes them special to you.
  • Want to review a movie or play?
  • Have you read any good books on the NY Times Best Seller list?  We’d love a review.



  • Do you love Pinterest?  Tell us about a craft, recipe, or handy tip you found on Pinterest and actually did it.
  • Do you like Disney and party planning?  Share your favorite party planning ideas featuring a Disney character or movie.
  • Throwing a back to school party?  We’d love to hear about it.
  • Are you crafty?  Share a craft with us.


CCSD Survey

  • Does your favorite charity have an upcoming event?  Write a story about it.
  • Do you compost?  Share your tips for composting in Las Vegas.
  • Are you a dad who’s involved with the community?  Tell us about it!
  • Are or were you on a PTO/PTA committee?  Share your experiences, good or bad.


Las Vegas Spring Breakers

  • Do you visit Las Vegas often? Which hotel is your favorite and has the best deals and amenities in your opinion?
  • Do you have a great “staycation” idea?  Please share your favorite places you and your family like to stay or visit here in Las Vegas.
  • Have you gone on day trip?  Where did you go and what did you do? Tell us about it.


fruit pizza

  • Holidays are almost here, share your favorite recipes and tips.
  • Do you or a family member have to adhere to a special diet (gluten-free, sugar-free, nut-free, etc.)?  Tell us how about recipes you’ve found to be both delicious and easy to make for your special diet.
  • What is your family’s favorite dinner meal you cook from scratch? Share your recipe.
  • Do you have a great dessert recipe that is healthy but super delicious? We’d love to try it!


Lululemon Sheer Yoga Pants

  • Are you single? How do you meet other singles: through friends, online dating sites, at the workplace, nightclubs?  Share your stories.
  • Are you a career woman determined to have it all?  Are you “leaning in”?  Share with us.
  • We’d love to hear from female entrepreneurs out there. What’s your business and how did you get started?
  • We welcome men sharing their stories too!



  • Are you a “techy” mom?  What’s your favorite mom tech toy and why?
  • Are you part of a tech community?  Tell us about it.
  • What phone app is your favorite and you absolutely can’t live without it.
  • Are you into social media?  Which social media network is your favorite and which one do you like the least?  Tell us why.


Criteria for all content submissions:

1. You must be a Recess Contributor.  If you have not signed up to be a Contributor, please click here.

2. All submitted content posts must be at least 200 characters in length.

3. Certain content submissions (reviews, recipes, etc.) will require photos which must be supplied by the Contributor. This content must have at least 3 photos (including a featured photo). If you are using a photo belonging to someone else, we require permission to use photo.  Video is highly desired but not required.

4. If your post is a review, Recess requires the Contributor to sample the product, restaurant, book, event, etc. or the content submission will not be accepted.  We expect the review to be honest and a reflection of your own experiences and opinions.

5. We will not accept content that contains vulgar or inappropriate language and images.

6. We will not accept content that is not original or authentic.  While it is acceptable to link your content to other posts, we ask that you do not copy material from other sites.

7. Once your editorial is submitted for review, it will be checked for accuracy.  Please note that we will not accept submissions that are not complete or do not meet the criteria.

8. Recess reserves the right to make any changes or corrections to your editorial submission.

9. Recess reserves the right to share your submitted content via social media outlets (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.).

10. There is no financial reimbursement for content submissions (unless noted otherwise).

Please contact Christa Schueler at [email protected] should you have any questions or inquiries about submitting content.

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