RECESS Contributors include our network of seasoned bloggers. However, nearly half of our Contributors are not bloggers, but they are women- both locally and nationally- who have a passion for sharing information and insight. For the female entrepreneur, writing a guest article on a subject from their area of expertise is the most cost-effective way to build their brand, boost their websites and generate leads.

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Not sure what to write about?  Don’t worry, Recess has tons of writing ideas and assignments for members of our Sandbox Revolution and Guest Contributors.

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Meet Our Contributors

RECESS is the online woman’s magazine written by women for women.  As the premier blogging network and cross-media platform, RECESS is written by women just like you.  Our network of bloggers and Contributors continues to grow as our readership grows.  Meet some of the fabulous and creative ladies behind Las Vegas’ hottest new community of women.

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Blogger & The Beat

What happens when the most awesome bloggers in Las Vegas descend upon the hip-retro coffeehouse, The Beat, located in the heart of the Downtown Vegas Tech scene… and have way too much coffee to drink?  That’s right, it’s Blogger & The Beat!

Join us at The Beat Coffeehouse to network, share and learn about all-things social media and blogging in Las Vegas.  This monthly workshop is powered by Recess and caffeinated by The Beat Coffeehouse.

We couldn’t think of a better venue than the hub of all things “tech” and “startup” in Las Vegas.  In fact, Downtown is gearing up to be the next Silicon Valley.  If you haven’t ventured near Fremont & 6th Avenue in a while, you probably won’t recognize it.  Be sure to bring your Birkenstocks and backpacks if you want to fit in!  Did I hear “Commonwealth after-party?”… y

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You don’t have to be a professional writer to have a voice.  The blogger phenomenon has taken over media and marketing as we know it, and for many reasons with the first being trust.  Bloggers typically have a loyal following, especially within their niche area by relating to their readers on a personal level.

Recess is a community for Las Vegas women to share and inspire through honest insights.  From education and healthcare to entertainment and technology, Recess readers look to other women in their community for opinion and facts as it relates to them.

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