Recess Contributors: Getting Started

Getting Started


Setting Up Your Contributor ProfileILOVEBLOGGING

The first thing you’ll want to do is set up your Contributor profile as this information will be visible from the bottom of each blog post you submit in addition to being listed on our Contributor page and widget……

You have full control of your profile information! This is what Recess readers will see when reading your posts and how they will identify your website, other than direct links within a “Bite” post (more on that below).

Step 1:  Create your Sandbox Revolution Contributor account by signing up under the “Become a Recess Contributor” (not guest). Make sure to add all you current information as this is what will be displayed on your posts and how Recess readers will identify you.

Step 2:  Login to your Contributor account at and go to Users- Profile.

Step 3: Create your post or “Bite”, add photos and link; no affiliate links please, and then submit to our editor. Once approved, you’ll be published on Recess!

Step 4:  Grab your badge!  If you have an existing blog, select your badge to install on your website by grabbing our html code and posting it on your website.

Q:  Why isn’t my profile photo showing?
A:  Your profile image is associated with the email you submitted.  If you don’t have a photo pulling through, you’ll need to visit and simply enter your email address and upload a photo.  It takes just a minute.

Q:  Why am I not showing as a Contributor?
A:  Once your first post is submitted and posted you will show up on the Contributor page.  Contributors are listed in order of the number of posts you’ve written on Recess.

Q: Why are my social media links not working?
A: Are you including the full (http://) link? You only need to all the last portion, so I would only add itsPSG for my twitter account.. EXAMPLE:


Submitting Your First Blog Post


There are several types of blog posts you can submit.blog_recesslv

One of the most common questions I’m getting from bloggers is whether they’ll be submitting original content to Recess, or writing about and linking to existing content on their individual websites.
The answer is simple- both!  That is a simple answer, right?

1.  “Share Your Story” Guest Post
One blogger recently told us that Recess is giving her a platform to discuss topics, events, etc. that may not be the best fit for her existing blog and sponsors.  If you have a story or opinion to share, Recess is your platform!  Simply write your post and hit “submit”.  Your own personal editor (Christa) will proof it for you, email you with any questions and post your piece out for the world to see (or at least Southern Nevada).

2.  “On Assignment” Contributing Post
Not sure what to write about?  Don’t worry, Recess has tons of writing ideas and assignments on our Media Query page.
The Media Query page includes blog post ideas and paid blog post opportunities.  The paid opportunity area will continue to grow as Recess grows!

3.  “The Bite” – ouch!  Featured Post
If anyone doesn’t know what a bite is, I’ll give you the rundown.  Let’s say you have a really great piece on your website that you loved but didn’t get as much attention as you liked.  Now, you want to bring that post with you to the sandbox to share.  So what you do is write a paragraph or two ABOUT your article and then link it to the post on your website.  Here are two great examples:



Q: What if I don’t have photos?
A: Recess has you covered. If you don’t have that perfect photo Recess can find one for your post. If you’re submitting a recipe, please have original photos.

Q: Is there a word count required to submit a post or bite?
A: No. If you’re writing a “bite” please be detailed with a few sentances about the content you’re sharing so our readers are not lost. No one likes to be sent to a bunch of different links with no reason why.

Q: Can I use my affiliate links in a post or bite.
A: No. Please no personal affiliate links on the Recess website. If you are sharing a bite and the links are on your website, that is ok.

Q: What if I do not have a photo for my post or bite?
A: Recess editors have you covered. If you do NOT have that perfect photo Recess can add it in editing for you. Please only submit recipes with original photos. Recipe posts without original pictures will not be published.

Q: Can I use my affiliate links in a post or bite.
A: No. Please no personal affiliate links on the Recess website. If you are sharing a bite and the links are on your website, that is ok.

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